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Pawlik Recruiters is part of the Pawlik Group. Pawlik’s experts guide organizations worldwide in their change process and get teams and employees moving. For better performance with lasting results, you need the best people. Recruitment and selection has therefore been part of Pawlik’s services for ten years. The foundation on which we work with people like you is trust, science and a common goal: your growth!

Our core values

See below what we stand for.

We are flexible

When you work with people, you have to be flexible. For nothing is as changeable as man. That's what makes it so interesting.

Transparency is our motto

Of course we are open about our working method and our projects. We are happy to share our knowledge with you. Do you also want to know our shoe size?

Your development is in our genes

We do everything we can to contribute to your development, your growth. That is why we exist as Pawlik Recruiters.

The candidate is central

It's not about us. We care about you, the candidate. Whether you're looking for a job, curious about your own potential or looking for the perfect candidate. It's about him. Or her.

Together we grow

If you grow, get to know your own talent better and take steps to become stronger, we will grow with you.
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