Based on the conviction that employees and organizations are accountable for each other’s health, we support our customers in their growth and development.

Our approach is based on the intrinsic motivation, internal drivers and potential of the candidates.

We support our clients in the recruitment and selection of suitable candidates for key positions and leadershiproles in organisations.


We use a combination of different methods to recruit suitable candidates:

  • We look for suitable candidates: Our research actively searches for suitable candidates based on the challenge within an organization.
  • Suitable candidates find us: Candidates contact us out of curiosity and intrinsic motivation for a particular challenge in an organization. They are triggered based on our Viral Internet Approach.


Our method “Can, will, fit” results in sustainable solutions:

  • Mastery: Does the person have the right competencies for the role or the capacities to develop the necessary competencies?
  • Motivation: Does the person have the right motivations and intrinsic motivation to take on the new role?
  • Match: Does the person fit into the culture and dynamics of the organization?

Discretion, trust and security

Both candidates and organization can count on our discretion. Our job is to maintain an atmosphere of safety and trust throughout the entire process. Only in this way can each party make the right, sustainable choice.

International Network

We mainly work for clients in the Benelux, but our assignments are often international. Our methodology knows no boundaries. In addition, we can fall back on the network of the Pawlik Group.