Mimi VerLoren van Themaat

Recruitment Consultant
Mimi Verloren van Themaat

Background information

All her life Mimi has been fascinated by personal incentives, and why people make certain decisions. As such, she decided to study Psychology at the University of Amsterdam. In addition to her studies, she had a side job in face-to-face marketing, which gave her the opportunity to immediately test and apply her knowledge of sales theories in practice. After some time, the part-time job became a permanent job as Corporate Recruitment Manager, and her official career in recruitment began. This was followed by a job at an International Recruitment Consultancy where Mimi worked as a Recruitment Consultant in the field of Data Analytics.

In recent years, Mimi has focused on mediating candidates within CRO, Web and Data Analytics/Science. She is driven to help companies with their digital transformation, and to facilitate their transition to data-driven working by looking for candidates with this specialist knowledge. In this she combines her interest in people, academic background in psychology and substantive professional knowledge.

Market knowledge

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  • Professional Search
  • Recruiting Advisory


  • CRO
  • Web & Data Analytics
  • Data Science
  • Business Intelligence

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